IVaaS Features

Access Your Organization’s Entire Footprint

A direct line to your own Personal Verification Specialist (PVS) means you have immediate access to your organization’s entire telecom infrastructure.

Documentation At Your Fingertips

VeriStructure® is a powerful asset management tool. Simply call or email your PVS to request information, or view up-to-date documentation through your actively maintained online portal.

360o Photos of Equipment, Telecom Spaces, and Pathways

All critical OSP and ISP telecom spaces, conduits, and equipment are recorded across every site and every building, giving you a pixel perfect view of your infrastructure.

Standardized Documentation Methodology

All maintenance, MACs, and work completed for VeriStructure® clients is documented, maintained, and verified by BICSI-certified RTPMs and RCDDs.

Let us survey your telecommunications infrastructure, and we challenge you that we will beat your own IT infrastructure documentation processes for a fraction of the cost.

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